An.Do.Fe. Shipping Management s.r.l. was founded in Brindisi (Italy) in September 2007, from the 25 years experience of Mr. Rino Barretta in all kind of Tug operations in the International Market. In fact, after the experience inside other Companies, he decided to establish his own business. An.Do.Fe. operates on behalf of SEDNA Towage & Offshore LDA, a Company registered under the law of Portugal, in Funchal (Madeira).

The worldwide facilities provided are all kind of offshore operations including, but not limited to

Anchor Handling, Salvages, Deep Sea Towages, Pushing and Pulling Terminal Operations, General Offshore Duties, Anti Pollution, External Fire Fighting Operations.

Our dynamic and motivated staff is managed by Rino Barretta’s business ability and competence is growing up in order to satisfy all Clients’ requests and needs at the top of the quality standard. Our selected and expert Tug Masters and Chief Engineers are recruited after a stiff selection and they are admitted into our Company only if they get more than ten years of experience in this field. They, together with the international recruited skilled crew, are cooperating in building up the Company.